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Asbestos Inspections and Surveys - Required for Building or Demolition Permits and Compliance: Provides asbestos inspections for suspect asbestos containing building materials, bulk material sample collection, laboratory analysis and submission of report of findings. Our reports typically include descriptions of the area inspected, photos of materials sampled, shop drawings that show location of materials, remediation cost estimates and recommended actions.

Remediation (Abatement) Design and Management: Provides design of specifications to comply with the overall project design of the client. Bid process services, contract management, project management and air monitoring during the remediation process and establishing and verifying final clearance of the project.

Environmental Compliance Reviews: Performs annual review of tenant activities on properties for the owner to ensure that no environmental problems are occurring which may cause potential liability situations.

Indoor Air Quality Investigations: Evaluate the indoor air quality within a structure and determine from various sampling techniques the quality of the air and remedies for concerns located.

Mold Sampling, Assessment and Management: Testing and identifies for various molds and writes a report of findings. Our reports typically include descriptions of the area inspected, photos of areas sampled, shop drawings that show location of mold growth, remediation cost estimates and recommended actions. Additional services include remediation design and project management and monitoring.

Regulatory Compliance Audits: Review the current and historical operation of the facility and provide information to our clients regarding compliance requirements for environmental regulations.

Air Quality Monitoring: Provide air quality monitoring for various operations such as incinerating of hazardous waste.

Hazardous Materials: Provide investigative and project management services for the proper treatment, handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Water Quality and Waste Stream Analysis: Analyze water/waste samples, determine the need for pre-treatment of samples before release to the wastewater system or environment and assist with regulatory compliance.

Building Surveys: Conducts site assessments to locate and map asbestos-containing materials (ACM), provides assessments for potential hazards and provides recommendations for management of abatement.

Construction Documents: Develops and writes contract documents and specifications for asbestos abatement projects for assurance of compliance with current government regulations and industry practices; solicits and evaluates abatement contractor bids including conducting a pre-bid meeting.

Inspection: Provides on-site inspection of abatement projects to assure compliance with specifications and government regulations; includes required air monitoring with on-site analysis by Phase Contrast Microscopy and final clearance testing by Transmission Electron Microscopy when required.

Project Management: Provides complete professional contract administration comprising all phases from initial survey through completion; general asbestos consultation, contractor evaluation, development of operations and maintenance programs, worker training and hazards management.

Laboratory Analysis: Provides bulk material sample and air filter analysis by state of the art methods, including Polarized Light Microscopy, Phase Contrast Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy.  L&A, Inc. uses TEM and PLM labs who are accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program and licensed by the State of Texas.

Operations and Maintenance Programs:Provides documentation and training services for the implementation of a comprehensive, site-specific Operations and Maintenance Program.  This program complies with the EPA guidelines for the control and management of ACM in buildings as encountered during day to day operations.

Indoor Air Quality/Sick Building Syndrome: Provides investigations of indoor air quality complaints, air sampling for identifications of indoor air quality complaints, air sampling for identification of responsible conditions and recommendations for corrective action. 


Lambert and Associates, Inc. has been testing Molds, Fungus and Bacteria in buildings as a part of the Indoor Air Quality Investigations for many years.  We offer complete services on Identification, Air Monitoring, Specifications and Proper Removal by a licensed contractor and Final Airborne Clearance for the safety of all occupants.Lambert and Associates, Inc. is fully licensed Mold Consulting firm with licensed Mold Assessment Consultants and Technicians to meet your needs.

 BUILDING CONDITION EVALUATIONS: In addition to performing environmental assessments to meet due diligence requirements, Lambert and Associates, Inc.'s professional staff can evaluate the overall condition of existing facilities prior to purchase or sale of a property.  Our evaluations are conducted from an architectural/engineering perspective by qualified, experienced professionals to determine serviceability and overall condition of the facility.  We have professional staff capable of providing preliminary building condition evaluations of the interior and exterior of existing buildings.  Preliminary evaluations of building exteriors, site work, interiors, mechanical/electrical/plumbing and fixtures are made via limited visual inspections.  In addition, comprehensive evaluations can be provided which may be performed with existing staff or subcontracted expert consultants.  Our staff will detail their findings in reports which can include an executive summary, property description, recommended repairs, captioned photographs and recommendations for additional evaluation where appropriate.  We can also prepare budgetary estimates for work required to bring a facility up to typical operating standards.


Hazard Communication/Right-to-Know: Can develop programs to educate employees on proper handling and use of hazardous materials in their work areas, create written programs and develop a management system suited to the client and conduct train-the-trainer sessions for management/supervisory staff.

Employee Exposure Monitoring:Conducts monitoring of employee exposures to toxic chemicals, radiation, noise, asbestos, heat, dust and other potential health hazards.Ventilation Studies Evaluates existing industrial ventilation systems, balances existing systems to improve performance and designs additions, modifications and/or new systems.

Comprehensive Hazard Assessments: Provides identification and characterization of health hazards associated with work operations and provides assistance in the implementation of appropriate controls.Material Safety Data SheetsProvides interpretation of data for risk management and can obtain or develop Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous substances.


Program Development: Provides assistance in the design of appropriate accident controls, accident analysis and investigation, employee training and awareness programs.

Workplace Hazard Assessments: Provides on-site evaluation of existing hazards and potential loss areas, reviews of safety program effectiveness and recommendations for cost-effective improvements.

OSHA Surveys:Conducts independent audits of client operations relative to compliance with OSHA regulations and assists clients in minimization of regulatory discrepancies.

Preparation of OSHA and Texas Workers' Compensation Commission Programs:Can respond to client needs for OSHA and TWCC written programs including the following:Accident Prevention Plans, Hazard Communication, Lock-out/Tag-out, Respiratory Protection, Emergency Response/Contingency Plans, Personal Protective Equipment, Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plans, Hearing Conservation, Employee Exposure Monitoring, Confined Space Entry

Training:Provides training in Hazardous Materials Emergency Response, Health and Safety for Hazardous Waste Operations and associated management and refresher courses.

Development of Training Programs - Site Specific: Develop custom training programs to assist clients in training their employees.  We can conduct the employee training, but typically we conduct "train the trainer" programs for supervisors in industrial plants.

Playground Safety Inspections:  Inspect playgrounds for safety guidelines as determined by the National Recreation and Park Association, perform safety audits, as required by the state of Texas on all publicly funded playgrounds.  Generate report of all deficiencies that do not meet ASTM standards or playground safety recommendations.  Provide follow up inspection to ensure that all safely hazards have been eliminated and to ensure the playgrounds continue to meet safety standards. Frequency is determined by usage volume. Train maintenance employees in maintaining safety standards on playgrounds between inspections.