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Gary D Lambert

Mr. Lambert is President and Chief Operating Officer of Lambert & Associates, Inc.  Mr. Lambert is responsible for the overall management of the company's environmental and construction activities.  He has over 30 years extensive contracting, construction project management, and environmental management experience with U.S. and foreign companies.  His experience includes projects involving municipalities, commercial industries, and federal installations to include hazardous waste, toxic materials, asbestos, and Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Mold Investigations.

Mr. Lambert is registered and certified as EPA Project Designer, Management Planner, Asbestos Inspector, Contractor/Supervisor, and Air Monitoring with Field Analysis.  He is registered with the Construction Specifications Institute, and licensed as an Individual Asbestos Consultant and Asbestos Consultant Agency.

L. Lynn Tubbs

Mr. Tubbs is a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant, Asbestos Inspector, Air Monitoring Technician with a NIOSH 582 equivalency, Project Manager and Inspector.  Mr. Tubbs also performs Indoor Air Quality Investigations and Mold Sampling.

Mr. Tubbs is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.

Cindy Lambert, Office Manager

Lisa Tubbs, Office Administrator